I am running for Congress

because we need to turn the

United States Congress Green

and turn it away from

the two capitalist parties.

The Democrats and Republicans

 are putting us

into a deep hole

 and they are






The Green Party


is the ladder


to take us


out and into


a better future.



So much needs to be done, such as: jailing the bankers, implementing single payer health care, and ending the phony, racist war on drugs. We also need a radical re-evaluation of our relationship with Israel.

We in the Green Party are not funded by the corporations who have bought the two party system. We rely on donations from individuals. Ordinary people working together can create extraordinary change. Please consider donating to my campaign. Please also consider volunteering for this campaign. Get in touch with us to help out. We need your support!

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About Myles:

MylesattheMIC Best (1).jpgA high school teacher for over two decades and a product of Baltimore City public schools, Myles Hoenig has been a life long advocate for social justice, from the 60’s to the present. He has been involved in issues ranging from civil rights, farm workers’ rights, peace and education.

  • President, Waverly Improvement Association, 1997-2003
  • co-chair of the Baltimore City Green Party, 2003
  • candidate for City Council, 2004
  • campaign manager for Ed Boyd for Governor, 2006
  • founding member of Charm City Greens, 2006-2007
  • active union member
  • member, Badass Teachers Association, advocating for teachers and students suffering under No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top
  • Present board member, Maryland TESOL (past-President of Maryland TESOL; local co-Chair of the 2003 International TESOL Convention in Baltimore; past-Chair of the Secondary Schools Interest Section; and Chair-elect of the Social Responsibility Interest Section)
  • Maryland TESOL’s Lifetime Achievement Award, 2014



Myles has written extensively for on-line progressive newsletters (Dissident Voice, Counterpunch, etc.) He presently serves as an on-line analyst for PressTV.